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 COVID 19 and Psychologists: Strategies to Help Ourselves and Those We See

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Author: Ralph D Dell’Aquila, EdD



While the Center for Disease Control (CDC) mandates have been modified recently, the effects of the pandemic on grief are noteworthy and every country around the world has had after- effects with respect to COVID-19. Navigating COVID-19 grief is relevant for psychologists on both personal and professional levels. Psychologists can help people positively reconstruct grief, and this can lead towards a renewed sense of hope and post- traumatic growth.

Learning Objectives:

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  1. Identify Sources of Post Traumatic Growth as It Relates to COVID 19/Pandemic
  2. Distinguish Between Different Forms of Grief (i.e, disenfranchised grief, complicated/prolonged grief disorder)
  3. Discuss Adaptive Coping Strategies for Psychologists to Deal with COVID 19 and Post Pandemic

Level of Learning

Introductory – No prior knowledge of the specific topic is required 

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