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Ethical Considerations in Providing Supervision On-Demand Homestudy (1 CE)

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Susan McGroarty, Ph.D., ABPP
Lidia D. Abrams, PhD
Program Subject: Ethics
Program Narrative
Providing training and supervision to the next generation of psychologists can be immensely rewarding. This program will provide an overview of some common ethical considerations and evidence-based practices including providing effective evidence-based supervision to diverse trainees. We will also cover NJ regulations and laws for licensees who are considering providing supervision. 
Learning Objectives
1. Identify two ethical considerations in providing supervision
2. Identify how supervisee experience of microaggressions and/or harassment can impact the supervisory 
3. Identify where and how to find information on NJ statutes and regulations of providing supervision to 
psychological trainees and permit holders. 
Level of Learning: Introductory: no prior knowledge of the specific topic is required
Identification of Target Audience: Psychologists

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